Arthur is available for clinics, tailored to your
group's specific needs. Clinics can be held almost anywhere—from a college recital hall to a music store to a guitar club member’s living room.

Typical workshops involve a live presentation highlighting a topic from one of Arthur’s books
or a masterclass setting in which various students present their work for discussion and assistance.

Sample topics include:

Classic Rock Lead Guitar
The Signature Styles of Clapton, Page, Hendrix, Beck, etc.

Vibrato, Bending, and More
Expressive Lead Guitar

Working with Songwriters
Creating Compelling Guitar Parts for Original 
Music Artists

Improvising over Changes
The Art of Playing Lead Lines that Reflect
Chord Changes

Fingerstyle Technique in Popular Styles
Elegant Acoustic and Electric Fingerpicking Approaches 

How to Learn and Develop a Jazz Vocabulary
Jazz Style with Strong Melodic and Harmonic Content

The In’s and Out’s of Studio Guitar Playing
Succeeding in the Recording Studio

Adapting Horn Lines to Guitar
Innovate and Make Universal Music on Guitar

Building a Private Guitar Teaching Practice
Start a Successful Business in Music

Breaking into Music Print Publishing
Learn What's Required to Break into Publishing